Up & Over Doors

Garage Door Solutions offer expert installations of both canopy and retractable garage doors and are happy to discuss the best option to suit your garage space and needs.


Canopy Up & Over Garage Doors

The canopy garage door is the simplest and most common type of up and over garage door mechanism, its name is derived from the fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy.

It gives the maximum drive-through width when open and is the easiest to install on site. The door is balanced and assisted by torsion springs positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame. The canopy door mechanism is generally only available up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide. It is not generally used if the garage door is to be electric motor automated, although with the use of a good quality ‘bow arm converter’ and a reasonably powerful and high quality electric operator this type of door can be automated successfully.

Retractable Up & Over Garage Doors

The retractable garage door is becoming the more popular type of up and over garage door mechanism in the UK, its name being derived from the one piece garage door panel retracting fully into the garage when open. It is the mechanism that will convert easily and safely into remote control electric operation with the least equipment required. The drive-through width on a retractable mechanism is always reduced as the lifting arms sit in between the sub-frame when the door is opened so be careful when limited for width that you do not restrict access too much.

The retractable mechanism can take much heavier loads with tension springs at the sides, easily increased in size and strength if required. It is generally considered smoother and easier to operate. You will get this type of gear on all doors wider than 2438mm (8 feet).

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